Time-Tracking-Tool v. 1.2.5b


Everybody knows the feeling after a long day passed by and no task was getting done. The Time-Tracking-Tool was designed to get an idea of the time passing by while working on different tasks. This tool measures the time of a number of different tasks and can be used for private and commercial purposes (i.e. billing, spent time on a project, time arrangement etc.) as well. After a while, you will be able to view a clear statistic which shows what you spent time on.
The Time-Tracking-Tool is written in Java. It can be used on every system were a current Java version has been installed.

The Program is still under active development. Every wish or suggestion is welcome!


  • Counts time
  • Counts time for tasks and sub tasks
  • Statitics over daily, weekly, monthly, yearly deployments, "normal" and cumulative views, free choosable period of view.
  • Completly written in Java - it can be used on every system were a current Java version has been installed.
  • German and english language support.
  • Automatic backup to avoid data loss.
  • Runs in background without sounds, popups or other bothering things.
  • Intuitive user interface.
  • Saved data files are readable and editable with a normal text editor (needs gzip decompression).
  • The amount of counted time will be valid, even if the machine has high load.
  • All data files can be used cross platform. (Windows, GNU/Linux, Mac, Solaris ...)
  • "Installable" by user - after unzip ready for use.
  • Tray icon for fast access.
  • Different projects can be stored in independent project files.

CopyrightŠ 2003-2016 by Thomas Duif