Version: 1.2.5e - 03.07.2018
  • Updated expiry date.

Version: 1.2.5d - 31.12.2017
  • Updated expiry date and copyright date.

Version: 1.2.5c - 30.12.2016
  • Updated expiry date and copyright date.

Version: 1.2.5b - 03.01.2016
  • Updated expiry date and copyright date.

Version: 1.2.5a - 05.01.2015
  • Updated expiry date and copyright date.
  • Ticket #55: Fixed handling of optional prefered window location.

Version: 1.2.4b - 31.12.2013
  • Updated expiry date.

Version: 1.2.4a - 29.01.2013
  • Fixed handling of jcolorchooser preview panel on java 7.

Version: 1.2.3a - 28.12.2012
  • Updated expiry date.

Version: 1.2.2c - 27.06.2012
  • Updated expiry date.

Version: TTT_1.3.1alpha_2012-01-31 - 31.01.2012
  • Added "*." to display of file filters.
  • Fixed tray initialization.
  • Cleaned up file chooser and file filter handling.
  • Added tray icon preferences.
  • Fixed handling of "cancel" button on dialog asking to copy the accounted time of a task to its parent task.
  • Updated expiration handling to not only check on program start.
  • Fixed error dialog about missing file to load.
  • Fixed display format of task start time.
  • Speed up program start.
  • Fixed date format d.M.yy.
  • Fixed handling of the first two bytes if it's not a gzip stream.
  • Changed to new xml persistence classes.
  • Fixed dead area for tray menu dialog in xfce window manager.
  • Added xsd schema check for project file xml validation.
  • Use a date spinner for dates on time table dialog
  • Added ability to add / substract dates (use "+" and "-" operations on time table date input).
  • Added visible layer during chart (re)computation.
  • Removed check for empty task names.
  • Added recursive name display in tray icon. Added settings to activate this feature.
  • Speed up chart calculation and recomupation.

Version: 1.2.2b - 31.12.2011
  • Updated expiry date.
  • Updated copyright date.

Version: 1.2.2a - 31.07.2011
  • Disabled non-finished maximum overall time feature.

Version: 1.2.1a - 31.07.2011
  • Removed diagram future date validation.
  • Fixed format of negative times.

Version: 1.2.0a - 15.12.2010
  • Code clean up handling the displayed tasks names.
  • Fixed update of tray menu task names.
  • Splitted up tasks and tree node handling.
  • Removed handling of old projects files, prior to the compressed xml files.
  • Enhanced task id handling.
  • Changed option dialog to use spinners instead of text fields.
  • Enhanced and cleaned up handling of user preferences / settings.
  • Fixed possible mixture of time interval for autosave "asav" and autosave to project file.
  • Fixed a problem starting with an unknown system locale. In such a situtation it will fallback to the english translations.
  • Prepared new date class to handle dates properly.
  • Big code reorganisation in handling dates and computing differences between dates (mainly diagrams / statistics).
  • Initial step separating the diagram generation to use multi core systems.
  • Ticket #23, Ticket #28: Changed diagram window to use spinner instead of input fields.
  • Cleaned up escape key handling to hide the current open windows.
  • Enhanced resource handling to release unused memory from hidden windows.
  • Ticket #25: Enhanced main window handling to override the designated window position if it's not valid anymore.
  • Ticket #26: Shortend the legend of diagrams by removing tasks with an empty value.
  • Ticket #43: Enhanced legend handling to always ensure unique legend entries.
  • Ticket #11: Added initial "Drag and Drop" functionality.
  • Removed error message loading a task without time but with comment.
  • Ticket #48: Fixed handling of reduced links in about dialog with java 5.
  • Ticket #27: Cleaned up rearrangement of tasks. Restored expansion states after rearrangement.
  • Updated about information.
  • Made diagram computation multi threaded / separated from AWT-Thread. Long diagram computations shouldn't block the window anymore.
  • Fixed missing translations in statistics error dialog.
  • Fixed display or statistics dialog warnings and errors.
  • Fixed maximum bar count check.
  • Fixed handling of reduced day diagram with shortend legend.
  • Updated expiry date.

Version: 1.1.2a - 31.07.2010
  • Code clean up handling ".part", ".bak" and ".ttt" file renaming and deletion while processing save actions.
  • Ticket #53: Fixed handling of SystemTray popup menu by using a helper dialog taking the tray menu piggyback.
  • Fixed check on activated tray if the main window should be hidden when minimised.
  • Ticket #54: Fixed handling of the tray icon showing the main window again.
  • Restored java 1.5 compatibility.
  • Ticket #16: Added diagram legends state to the global diagram settings used when opening new diagram dialogs.

Version: 1.1.1a - 05.07.2010
  • Updated copyright information.
  • Re-added copyright information to the about dialog.
  • The editor displays a tasks time in editing mode centered like it is displayed in non editing mode.
  • Fixed generating of about dialog information which has been displayed in multiple languages.
  • Fixed handling of exit actions asking the user to save the current changes.
  • Fixed handling of disabled tray icon at program start and while minimizing the main window.
  • Fixed handling and writing of ".part" files on windows systems.

Version: 1.1.0a - 30.06.2010
  • Enhanced and redesigned about dialog.
  • Changed to Java SystemTray, removed usage of "jeanstray".
  • Ticket #1: Merged changes to move tasks with numlock keys.
  • Ticket #6: Merged changes against tiny main window to the next minor version.
  • Ticket #8: Merged changes of displaying the daily comment in the tasks tooltip to the next minor version.
  • Added year to copyright information.
  • Added information off the system generated error message while writing project files.
  • Enhanced / adjusted error and expiry messages.
  • Changed expiry popup interval from 2 hours to 4 hours.
  • Removed misplaced output of "modulo".
  • Converted sources from ISO-8859-15 to UTF-8.
  • Changed language file (properties, i18n) format from ISO-8859-15 to UTF-8.
  • Moved some translations to new language file format.
  • Made the color chooser instance static to avoid losing already used colours each time the editing panel of a task is opened.
  • Added validation to the time values editing panel of a task.
  • Changed handling of the close actions of the editing panel of a task. If there is a editing field for a time value confirming the changes by pressing the accept button will try to update the tasks time value or keep the editing panel open until corrected.
  • Fixed handling of adding a new date entry while editing a value in the editing panel of task. Until now, the current edited line has been mixed with the inserted line.
  • Enhanced window positioning on multi screen environments.
  • Changed handling of project file writing: Output is written into a ".part" file and after completion renamed to the primary file name.
  • Ticket #10, Ticket #42: Removed not closable crash dialog showing while loading a corrupt project file.
  • Removed check for Windows tray dll as the java SystemTray classes are used now.
  • Renamed "ttt.ini" to "ttt.conf"
  • Ticket #19: Moved configuration file to $HOME/.time-tracking-tool/
  • Fixed handling of icons showing the path to the currently counting task which has not been updated if the moved task was one of its parents.
  • Fixed update of the tray popup when a task name changes.
  • Ticket #47: Fixed handling of missing JFree libraries.
  • Ticket #45: Added an entry into the context menu to activate the selected task.

Version: 1.0.6g - 31.12.2009
  • No changes - new expiration date.

Version: 1.0.6f - 30.07.2009
  • No changes - new expiration date.

Version: 1.0.6e - 31.12.2008
  • No changes - new expiration date. Version 2.0 is approaching - Happy New Year!

Version: 1.0.6d - 01.05.2008
  • No changes - new expiration date.

Version: 1.0.6c - 31.07.2007
  • No changes - new expiration date.

Version: 1.0.6b - 30.07.2007
  • No changes - new expiration date.

Version: 1.0.6 - 20.03.2007
  • Little problem computing progress bar minutes removed.

Version: 1.0.5e - 30.12.2006
  • New expiration date. A new TTT version is coming soon (probably and hopefully).

Version: 1.0.5d - 28.06.2006
  • New expiration date. TTT is going to work even if it has expired.

Version: 1.0.5c - 03.03.2006
  • No changes - new expiration date.

Version: 1.0.5b - 27.11.2005
  • No changes - new expiration date.

Version: 1.0.5a - 25.08.2005
  • FileChooser informations improved (file extensions).
  • Autosave deactivated if an error occured while loading a data file to avoid data loss.
  • Pixel difference at diagram buttons removed.
  • Diagram bibliotheks (jfreechart / jcommon) have been updated to a current stable version.
  • Outupt files will be now gzip compressed. Their final size will be round about 90% less than uncompressed.
  • New displayable time format added.
  • Problem with file chooser removed.

Version: 1.0.4b - 22.03.2005
  • Problems saving special chars removed.

Version: 1.0.4 - 18.03.2005
  • Data file format changed to XML.

Version: 1.0.3 - 24.02.2005
  • Added the possibility to change the language independent on the system settings.

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