Downloads - current version: 1.3.3

This application is written to be run with Java 6 or higher. Future versions are limited to work on Java 8 and above.

The Time-Tracking-Tool uses a jfree chart-library for its statistics and the sax-tree library for XML input and output files. This means that it is sufficient to download only once the big zip file. To update to a new version it will be sufficient to download the small TTT main file (TTT.jar)

IMPORTANT: As of version 1.3.0 major changes to the saved project files have been added. Please keep a backup of the project files before switching to the new version.

Archives: (1.35 MB) Full version, usable for all systems, using java system tray icon.
TTT_1.3.3.jar (213 KB) Main file, only needed for updates if there is already a previous Time-Tracking-Tool version.
Manual: PDF (200 KB)
HTML (290 KB)

The Time-Tracking-Tool contains an expiry date to provide that you've always a current version in use.
It is not shareware and does not need a key or registration! It's completely free for use.
The functionality stays untouched even after expiration.

CopyrightŠ 2003 - 2021 by Thomas Duif